Welcome to DVC Signs. My name is Ralph Kay, I’m the owner here and we would love for you to come by and visit us. One of the things that we do a lot of with our business customers is we do a lot of dimensional lobby logos. They are an effective and fantastic way to promote a professionalism within your business. We can do everything from full-color logos, stainless steel, really the sky’s the limit. Whatever your look is. One of our big clients that we’ve done a lot for is News Channel 10. Every time you see the news in the night, you’re going to see our work. This particular sign we have in our lobby has an LED backlit that can be set to any color or rotate colors. We can design, concept, and install some fantastic image for the inside of your business office, doctor’s office, lawyer’s, you name it. We’d love to help you out. Come see us here at DVC Signs.