Digitally-printed fabrics are a new addition to the sign industry and with a wide variety of fabrics available for banners, awnings, flags and fine art, including canvases. The personal and business uses for printed fabrics are vast.

Vinyl Banner

Our exceptionally vibrant white banner material allows the printed colors to really pop. It is tear and fade resistant which makes it withstand the test of time for indoor or outdoor signage. DVC banners are fire retardant making them a safe choice for interior banners.

Wind Mesh

Wind mesh is fabricated with tiny holes in the fabric which allow air to move through the material. This virtually eliminates the wind damage that is often associated with traditional banners. DVC wind mesh is ideal for outdoor banners, building wraps, fence mesh graphics and boulevard banners in high wind areas.

Corrugated Plastic

Fluted plastic sign material that is excellent for signs such as temporary yard signs, directional signage, interior P.O.P. signs. Corrugated Plastic can be routed, die cut, scored and hand cut to create unique sizes and shapes making corrugated plastic signs a lightweight and cost-effective solution for a wide variety of indoor and short-term outdoor uses.


Polystyrene is an economical option when you need more durability than corrugated plastic, making it one of the most common plastics in the world. Polystyrene is ideally suited for indoor promotional signs, display materials, luggage & garden tags, posters and very short-term outdoor promotional signs.

Foam PVC

Foam PVC is ideal for use in permanent indoor applications that require an upscale presentation. It is not recommended for outdoor signage. The material has a smooth, uniform surface and comes in multiple sizes, thicknesses and colors as well a product designed specifically for outdoor applications.

Foam Board

Used primarily for short-term indoor applications, foam board is lightweight and rigid, making it an excellent choice for conference and event signage. DVC foam board is warp resistant, dent resistant, and UV stabilized with an extremely smooth surface which will give your event signage a professional look.


Acrylic is a durable material suited for many sign applications. It can be used indoors for an upscale look in your office logos and lettering. Outdoors, it offers the durability needed for permanent applications. Acrylic is often used for illuminated, architectural, tradeshow and point-of-purchase signs.


Polycarbonates, such as Lexan®, are shatterproof plastics that provide superior durability and more flexibility than conventional acrylic plastics. They are commonly used for exterior sign faces in areas that are subject to vandalism.

MDO Wood

Our marine grade plywood (MDO) is the ideal wood for signage. These exterior plywood panels have a resin impregnated fiber overlay that has been fused to the surface of the panel. The overlay gives a beautiful smooth surface that will look great for years to come. MDO will last several years outdoors and is strong enough to serve as post and panel sign. It is perfect for construction site signs & commercial leasing signs


Aluminum is a wonderful material for permanent outdoor signage. It will not rust, and its baked-on enamel finish will not flake or peel like other painted materials.
Sturdy and light-weight, it is an ideal solution for permanent exterior signage.

Aluminum Composite Materials

Aluminum composites are a long-lasting, yet light-weight alternative to MDO and aluminum sign materials. The metal sign panels are constructed of two pre-painted sheets of aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core. They provide the durability and elegance of aluminum with the strength and rigidity of wood.


Magnetic material is a semi durable product that can be used on steel surfaces when properly cared for it is a great material to use for smaller signs, promotional products and identification signs for vehicles where ability to remove the signage is important.